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Spink and Edgar mattresses are as natural as it gets. No Foams to offgas whatsoever, just natural fibers, and The Yorkshire is as close to a Standard Edition as you’ll find in the lineup. 5,000 individually wrapped coils padded with plentiful wool and cotton comfort layers.

To fully grasp the level of detail that goes into making a Spink & Edgar mattress, it’s important to understand where our materials originate. We’re the only farm-to-bedroom mattress brand in the world that cultivates wool, hemp, flax (linen), and other natural bedding materials on our very own 130-year-old family farm in the English countryside.


  • Woven silk and cotton jacquard ticking produced exclusively for Spink & Edgar by luxury designer, Culp Home Fashions
  • 3 All natural filling material pads of Yorkshire wool, Egyptian cotton, hemp and flax
  • 2 Layers of HD micro coils (2,080)
  • 1 All natural hemp insulator pad
  • Total Coil Count: 5,236


*All dimensions are subject to a slight variance due to being hand made.