We can completely custom make an Organic mattress for you. Select from several firmnesses, as well as fabrics!

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Yorkshire 5000

Spink and Edgar mattresses are as natural as it gets. No Foams to offgas whatsoever, just natural fibers, and The Yorkshire is as close to a Standard Edition as you’ll find in the lineup. 5,000 individually wrapped coils

Angora 9000

A king among kings, the Angora 9000 is the very best of everything Spink & Edgar stands for. 9,000 individually wrapped coils blanketed with extra thick wool and linen comfort layers. The reigning king of our luxury

Silk 13000

Cashmere 17000

Customize Your Own Organic Latex Mattress

Create your own Organic Latex Mattress. To begin, you start with a 6” Latex Core. You can select from 7 different firmnesses (ranging from super firm, to very soft). Many stop there, but if you like, you could build on t